Straeon Relay


Mae gennym gymaint o gefnogwyr gwych sydd wastad yn awyddus i gymryd rhan yn ein hymdrechion yn lleol i ddwyn ymlaen y diwrnod pan fydd pob canser yn cael eu gwella.

Fel pwyllgor, byddem yn croesawu negeseuon personol gan ein cefnogwyr. Anfonwch eich stori a llun atom i rannu gyda ni pam yr ydych yn cymryd rhan yn y ras gyfnewid ac yn codi arian ar gyfer CRUK.

Anfonwch eich stori a llun i


When I discovered a lump in my left breast, I was naturally worried, but in the back of my mind I thought “ No this wouldn’t happen to me!” However, my husband tried to re-assure me that he too did not think that this would be cancer, but advised me to visit the Drs for peace of mind.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, at the age of 45 on the 12th July 2007, shortly afterwards I had a lumpectomy followed by a mastectomy and a full lymph node strip on my left side. The followed the Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and a course of Herceptin. I used to ask myself, “Why me?” , now I say “Why not?”

I am now over seven years down the line and have never felt better. I have a mammogram each year and am still taking Tamoxifen for at least another 12 months.
The hardest part for me was worrying how my husband, son and mother would react to me not having any hair. My son thought it was cool! My husband told me that I was beautiful and for some reason, I never let my Mam see me without my wig!

I have been very lucky in so many ways. Finding the lump and doing something about it before it was too later. I have the love and support of all my family, friends and work colleagues and have so much to live for.

We have a little grandson, Iwan, who will be five in March, he is such a joy and a very special little boy and we look forward so much to seeing him growing up.

I will fight on.

I have survived! I will survive!